Taking Your Own Orb Photos

    Orbs are attracted to the vibrations of love and joy. You can consciously invite them in, and the more you do, the more the orbs will appear. A good place to start is to find a spot that feels sacred or joyous, whether a church or temple, a special place in nature, or a celebration. Try to be with loved ones who have fun together. Singing or playing instruments is a good way to project your loving intention.

Music and Other Realms

  Go at twilight or dark, because while orbs have been photographed in daylight without a flash, it is rare. Try to get the people in the bottom of the picture with a lot of sky above them. The light spectrum picked up by digital cameras seems to capture them more easily, there is no film cost. and you get instant feedback. It helps to have a digital camera, but you can get them with regular film. Different digital cameras, from very inexpensive to quite sophisticated, pick up different kinds of Orbs. Don't be afraid to fill up your memory card, sometimes it takes a while to cultivate the spot. 

    A small percentage of people see orbs with the naked eye, but most of us see them in photographs first. When looking over the top of your camera, you can sometimes see orbs and other plasma shapes when the flash goes off.

    Though the camera is the tool with which orbs are captured, it is our hearts that allow us to feel the connection to these other realms.

Indigo children seeing guardian angels
Photo © JZ Knight, JZK Inc.



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