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What Are Orbs?

   Stories of unseen realities and their inhabitants are part of every culture, tales of angels ghosts and fairies. There are many ways in which people interact with these realms, such as song and dance, meditation and prayer.
   Now, for the first time, we are consistently seeing tangible evidence of these other realms. Cameras are now able to pick up more of the light spectrum than we can normally see with our naked eye. This phenomenon is manifesting in many different forms, but one of the most commonly seen in photographs are glowing spheres of light called orbs.

Rainbow Spirit Orb Photo

Orbs: The Veil Is Lifting

   This film was created to help educate people about orbs and some of the implications for our world. It contains interviews with nine people who approach the orb phenomenon from very different perspectives including a Stanford physics professor, a psychologist, a theologian, artists and healers. There are hundreds of spectacular orb photos, beautiful historical art and a celetial flute and harp soundtrack.

Orbs at Sacred Sites

    Orbs have been photographed around sacred sites for many years and are starting to show up everywhere. Sites can be cultivated. The more pictures taken, the more the orbs appear, which implies that they have some type of consciousness. Also, they seem to react to people's emotions, appearing in greater numbers when people are feeling love, joy and bliss.


Basic Proof

    There are several ways that orbs demonstrate they are not merely photographic anomalies, dust or water drops.

3-D Balls of Light

If an orb appears behind an object, such as a branch, then it is clearly not close to the lense.

Spirit Guides on the Path

An orb can show detailed patterns, that wouldn't be in focus if it was close to the lens.

Etheric Patterns

The same orb can appear in more than one photograph.

Energy Wave

Experiential evidence builds over time, and one is eventually forced to acknowledge the way orbs interact with consciousness.

Speaking with the Angels

"The Wow factor"
There are certain photographs that boggle the mind and quite simply defy skeptical interpretation.


    The are many historical references that relate to the orb phenomenon, such as: cherubs, angels, will o' wisps, fairies, spirits and many others.

Ancient Faires

New Age Faries

    The term orbs is somewhat limited, because this phenomenon does not always manifest itself in a spherical shape.


    Some modern day Chi Kung masters speak of the orbs as balls of energy that can communicate and help heal.




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